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Consulting Services

Architects at Work

Jacobs Accessibility Group offers accessibility consultation services for our clients on a case-by-case basis. Our consulting services help building owners, architects, engineers, and contractors comply with the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) in new construction and alterations of buildings and facilities in Texas. These services can include:

  • Accessibility assessments: An assessment of a building or site to identify barriers to accessibility and recommendations for removing those barriers in compliance with TAS.

  • Design review: A review of plans and specifications for a building project to ensure compliance with TAS before construction begins.

  • Construction administration: Monitoring the construction process to ensure that accessibility features are installed correctly and in compliance with TAS.

  • TAS Plan Review: Review of plans and specifications for a building project before construction begins, to ensure they comply with TAS

  • TAS Inspection: Inspection of the construction and installation of accessibility features in a building once it is completed, to ensure they comply with TAS.

  • Compliance certification: Certification that a building or site is in compliance with TAS, which is required for certain types of building projects and state-funded projects in Texas.


Additionally, Jacobs Accessibility Group offers due-diligence site surveys on facilities in Texas and other states to determine compliance with state and federal accessibility codes, when a sale or remodel is pending.


These services are important to ensure compliance with TAS and to create accessible and inclusive environments for people with disabilities in Texas.

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