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Transition Planning Services

Technicians at Work

Transition Planning is the process of identifying and planning for changes needed to bring an existing building or site into ADA, TAS, and/or PROWAG compliance. Transition planning is typically conducted when a building owner or manager is planning to make changes to an existing building, such as renovations, remodeling, or alteration, or when a building is being sold or leased.


Transition Planning typically involves a thorough assessment of the existing building or site to identify barriers to accessibility and to determine the scope of work needed to bring the building or site into compliance with TAS. The assessment will typically include a review of plans and walk-through inspections. Based on the findings of the assessment, a Transition Plan will be developed that outlines the steps that need to be taken to bring the building or site into compliance with TAS.


The Transition Plan will typically include a detailed description of the work needed, a schedule for completing the work, and a budget for the work. The plan will also include a description of any temporary solutions that will be put in place to provide accessibility during the transition period. Transition Planning may also include the submission of plans and specifications for review and approval by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) or the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE).


TAS Transition Planning is an important process that helps building owners and managers ensure compliance with TAS, while creating accessible and inclusive environments for people with disabilities in Texas.

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