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Plan Review Services

Architect Checking Plans

A TAS Plan Review is a review process conducted to ensure that the plans for a building project in Texas comply with the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS). The TAS Plan Review process is mandatory for certain types of building projects and state-funded projects in Texas.

The TAS Plan Review process typically begins with the submission of plans and specifications for the building project. These plans are then reviewed by a licensed Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS) who will check for compliance with the TAS guidelines and regulations related to accessibility.


If the plans are found to be in compliance with the TAS, we will issue a letter of compliance or a certificate of compliance, which is required for the building permit and construction. If the plans are not in compliance, we will issue a letter of noncompliance which will specify the areas of non-compliance and the actions needed to bring the plans into compliance with the TAS. The report results will be delivered within 10 working days of full submission.

It's important to note that TAS Plan Review is different from a TAS Inspection, which is a review of the actual construction and installation of accessibility features in a building once it is completed.

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