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Site Inspection Services

Construction Site Managers

A TAS Inspection (Texas Accessibility Standards Inspection) is an inspection process conducted by a licensed Registered Accessibility Specialist to ensure that the construction and installation of accessibility features in a building in Texas comply with the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS). TAS inspections are mandatory for certain types of building projects and state-funded projects in Texas.


During the inspection, the inspector will check that the accessibility features were installed correctly and that they meet the requirements set forth in the TAS. If the building is found to be in compliance with the TAS, the inspector will issue a letter of compliance or a certificate of compliance which is required for the building's occupancy. If the building is not in compliance, the inspector will issue a letter of noncompliance which will specify the areas of non-compliance and the actions needed to bring the building into compliance with the TAS.

The on-site inspection will be performed at your constructed facility at a time convenient for the owner, after the official date of substantial completion. Jacobs Accessibility Group personnel are available to conduct a preliminary inspection(s) at earlier points in the construction process upon request for additional fees. Please note that travel fees may apply for projects that require travel beyond the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

It's important to note that TAS Inspection is different from a TAS Plan Review, which is a review of the plans and specifications of a building project before construction begins, to ensure they comply with TAS.

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