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What is a Registered Accessibility Specialist?

Updated: Jan 9

A Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS) is licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to inspect and ensure that a built environment is compliant with the Texas Architectural Barriers Act (TABA) and the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS).

Typical Services:

Registered Accessibility Specialists evaluate compliance through the process of plan reviews and site inspections, but can provide additional services such as transition planning and consulting.

Plan Reviews:

A Registered Accessibility Specialist reviews your construction documents for verification of compliance with Texas requirements. Jacobs Accessibility Group (JAG) will provide a thorough report with detailed comments on items that appear to be non-compliant with Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS).

Site Inspections:

A Registered Accessibility Specialist performs an on-site inspection at your constructed facility after the official date substantial completion. Jacobs Accessibility Group personnel can conduct a preliminary inspection(s) at earlier points in the construction process upon request.

Consulting Services:

Jacobs Accessibility Group offers its clients accessibility consulting services and due-diligence site surveys on facilities to determine compliance with state and federal accessibility codes when a sale or remodel is pending.

Transition Planning:

When alterations are necessary, Jacobs Accessibility Group offers transition planning services to develop single or multi-phase plans for completion in order to achieve ADA, TAS, and Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) compliance. These services may include site surveys on facilities or roadways, estimating. report generation etc. for Texas projects and Municipalities.

Jacobs Accessibility Group's staff of Registered Accessibility Specialists provide plan reviews, site inspections, and additional services throughout the State of Texas. To request a quote, please fill out this form. If you need assistance or would prefer to speak to a representative, please call us at (972) 707-3530 or email us at


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